Below is a selection of documents I worked on. Clicking on the related image will open the document in a new window. Right click to save the file on your own computer. Note: some documents are only partially available due to copyright issues. When opening Microsoft Word Documents changes in layout may occur depinding on your printer settings.

Document: 'Low Cost Carriers - Europe, Een onderzoek naar de Europese low-cost carriers en hun netwerkontwikkeling' (thesis)
Description: This is the final version of my graduation thesis on European low-cost carriers and their network development (Dutch, file size 40 MB!). The thesis also includes a cd-rom with an offline version of the related site. The content can be downloaded below.
Low-Cost Carrier cd-rom.
File must first be unpacked before the content can be burned on a cd-rom.
Note: 105 MB!
Document: 'Low Cost Carriers - Europe' (website)
Description: This website is part of my graduation thesis on network development of european low-cost carriers.
File: The site can be visited at
Document: 'TOD&D, Transit Oriented Development in Denver and Dallas'
Description: Report about transit oriented development in Denver and Dallas, compared to the Dutch situation.
Document: 'Handleiding MapInfo & Flowmap, GIS voor Dummies'
Description: Manual I created while working at an internship at SEO Economical Research. Note: manual is in Dutch, due to copyright issues only the contents can be shown. Full manual only available on request!
Document: 'Manual Flowmap 7.2'
Description: Created this manual while working as a student assistant at Utrecht University. More information about Flowmap can be found at .
Document: 'Het Ruhrgebied'
Description: Contributed to an excursion guide about the Ruhr area, aimed at secondary school teachers and their students. Due to copyright issues content can only be given on request.
File: The excursion guide and related educational material can be ordered at the Royal Dutch Geographical Society site: (Dutch).